6 Reasons Pest Control Is Not A Do-It-Yourself Job


When money is tight, it’s understandable that homeowners want to save money wherever they can. For the occasional ant or flying insect in your home, it’s perfectly fine to handle eliminating it yourself. But most homes in the Charlotte-Durham area need regular professional home pest control service to ensure that the home remains bug-free and the residents remain protected from unwanted pests and the diseases they carry. Here are our top 6 reasons pest control is not a DIY job!

  1. To really stop bugs and other pests in their tracks, pesticide needs to be applied in all the right places. Most homeowners do not have the training to know what the access points are for different types of bugs. A pro is trained to spot these access points and treat them effectively.

  2. A professional can spot the beginnings of a nest or infestation long before the homeowner notices a problem. Prevention is key; it is much easier (and cheaper) to prevent an infestation than to tackle one that’s already full-blown.

  3. This year, we are all concerned about the transmission of the Zika virus through mosquito bites. Many bugs and rodents leave behind harmful germs and bacteria. The potential health risks to you and your family are huge, and professional evaluation and treatment of your property is your best defense against these disease-carrying pests. Your family’s health is worth it.

  4. Some types of pests can cause significant structural damage to your home. These pests include termites, wood bees, carpenter ants, and rodents. Treating your home for these types of critters is best left to a professional so that the integrity of your home’s structure can be protected. It is recommended that you seek estimates from home repair companies in your area to amend any damage after the pests are eliminated.

  5. Many of the products that big box retailers sell are really ineffective. Also, can you be certain they are safe to use around children and pets? Are you able to apply the products without exposing yourself to harmful chemicals? When you hire a professional pest control company, ask beforehand about the safety of the products they will apply to your home and property. You should also receive a guarantee of effectiveness from a professional company. Partnering with a professional gives you peace of mind.

  6. Stinging insects like bees, yellow jackets, and wasps send half a million people to the E.R. annually. Lots of people are allergic to stinging flying pests (myself included), so it’s ALWAYS best to call a professional when you spot a hive on your property. One visit to the E.R. is much more expensive than several years’ worth of Charlotte pest control services!

There are some things you can do yourself for free or very low cost to help keep these pests away. Clean the kitchen regularly and clean all food and drink residues around the house. Trim bushes and trees away from the house. Keep an eye out for standing water and dump it out as soon as you spot any. Mosquitoes need less than a tablespoon of water to reproduce!

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