3 Reasons You Want To Avoid Fire Ants In Charlotte

ant on flower

As far as invasive insects go, it’s safe to say that fire ants have gone pretty far. If you’ve ever wondered: “Where did fire ants come from?” then you’re not alone. Fire ants were first introduced to the United States in the 1930s and have since spread across the southern regions of our country. Most individuals in southern states can easily identify fire ants and their distinctive dirt mounds. After all, not many other ants in the United States are reddish brown in color and have a painful stinger. These ants also have noticeably thin waists and clubbed antennae.

When it comes to determining if you are dealing with fire ants, the easiest ways to tell is by looking for dirt mounds, reddish-colored ants, and, of course, getting stung. There are several reasons you don’t want fire ants invading your Charlotte property, but here are just 3 reasons that make these pests problematic.

Fire Ants Sting

In the South, one of the most unpleasant experiences is to go out into your yard without any shoes on and step in a fire ant mound. These ants are much more aggressive than other American ant species and you will typically get stung by several at a time rather than just one. While these stings are not inherently dangerous to humans, they can be a frustrating nuisance for you, your family, and your friends. You might not always notice a fire ant mound before you step in it, which can lead to several days of itching and scratching.

Fire Ants Infest Homes

Most cases of fire ant infestations don’t actually build colonies anywhere but in your lawn, however, there have been some instances where fire ants have built their nests inside Charlotte homes, usually in periods of extreme drought, heat, or flooding. It is much more common for fire ants to build their colonies outdoors and only infest your home while seeking out sources of food and water. Unfortunately, this means you might find a line of marching ants making their way to and from your pantry, or several dozen individual ants inside your morning cereal. This can waste food items you may have planned on eating, which also ends up costing you money if you intend to replace food items that have been infested.

Fire Ants Aren’t Deterred By DIY Solutions

Many Charlotte residents believe the internet can solve their fire ant problems, however, this is usually not the case. DIY tips and tricks rarely have what it takes to rid your property of fire ants. In some cases, DIY methods of treatment might eliminate a few ants, however, this can cause the rest of the ant colony to split as a defense mechanism, which ends up creating more problems than what you started with. Fire ants aren’t deterred by most DIY methods of treatment, and many online solutions end up costing more time and money than professional services would.

If you are dealing with fire ants on your property, it’s important to contact a professional home pest control provider like ProForce Pest Control. Our treatment methods are far more effective and long-lasting than any treatment you would get with DIY solutions. Our licensed pest technicians know how to target fire ant colonies at their source, which will efficiently rid your property of these irritating insect pests. Reach out to us today if fire ants are invading your Charlotte property!

Our certified pest experts will work with you to find the best solution for your needs. Simply fill out this form for a free, no-obligation estimate.

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