3 Steps To Take To Prepare Your Home For Summer Bugs And Pests


Prepare Your Charlotte Home For Summer Pests

When you think of summer, you may think of long days, warm nights, and weekend beach excursions with the family. However, it may not all be fun and games for many homeowners as summer is also known as prime time for bugs and pests. No matter where you live in the United States, summer is the most active time for insects.

While we accept that bugs and pests are a part of everyday life, we often want to do what we can to keep them from invading our home space. Summer is coming upon us, but we aim to help you stay prepared in guarding your home against unwanted pests before it actually begins.

Here are a few helpful tips to help you create your own summer bug and Charlotte pest control prevention plan today:

  1. Start cleaning indoors: While summer is still a few months away, spring will be here soon enough. The spring is usually a great time to clean out closets, cabinets, and other corners that may become infested with critters. Take a few hours during the weekend to do as much cleaning as you can to get rid of spider webs, dust mites, and other insects that make their home in untidy corners.

  2. Clean outside your home: As the snow melts and the temperatures begin to rise, you may want to start cleaning up around the outside of your home. Get rid of piles of leaves and brush that can harbor insects in cold weather. Look for places where water can pool for weeks and months at a time. This can include flower pots, buckets, bird feeders, etc. These are prime areas where mosquitoes like to breed.

  3. Check your window screens for holes and tears: If you have small kids or pets, you may find that it is easy for them to puncture your window screens without a lot of effort. Do a double-check on all your windows and screened-in recreational areas to ensure that you can let in the fresh breeze while keeping the insects outside where they belong.

  4. Use insecticide: A good home pest control company knows how to safely use insecticides inside and outside the home to help you keep unwanted insects at bay—worried about the safety of your small children and pets? Ask your pest control professional about how the proper use of insecticides can protect your home without putting your children in danger.

Summer pest control begins NOW. Rather than wait for an unwanted infestation to occur, take it upon yourself to be vigilant about protecting your family and your home. Use these suggestions as a way to get started!

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