The Key to Getting Rid Of Carpenter Bees Around Your Charlotte Home


Carpenter bees are a unique household pest in Charlotte. Unlike honey bees, which typically leave people alone, carpenter bees create holes in wood where they lay their eggs. Naturally, this can cause problems for Charlotte homeowners, which is why ProForce Pest Control’s Charlotte pest control includes coverage for carpenter bee removal. 

Carpenter bees can be a destructive force within homes or other wooden structures they infest. Similar to carpenter ants, carpenter bees make their nests by tunneling into wood, which can make them a powerful enemy to homeowners. In this blog, we’ll take a deeper look at carpenter bees in Charlotte, the potential damage they can cause, and what you need to know as a homeowner to prevent them. As always, give the pros at ProForce Pest Control a call today to learn more about our carpenter bee treatment options. 

How To Identify A Carpenter Bee Problem Around Your Home

Carpenter bees look very similar to honey bees. There are a few differences to look out for. Carpenter bees are usually between a quarter-inch and an inch long. 

Carpenter bees can vary widely in physical appearance. They’re typically black and yellow in coloration, although the specific proportions of coloration vary. Most carpenter bees are either mostly or completely black, but others will have a greater proportion of yellow in their appearance, which can cause them to be mistaken for honey or bumble bees. Unlike honey bees, carpenter bees have smooth abdomens. These are solitary bees, which means they don’t form colonies. Instead, a female bee will raise her eggs on her own. 

Carpenter bees get their name because they drill holes in wood to create “galleries,” which is where they lay their eggs. The most obvious sign of a carpenter bee infestation is seeing the damage done by them. You might notice small, round holes in the wood in or around your home. There may also be small piles of sawdust near those holes. And, of course, the most obvious sign of a carpenter bee infestation is seeing and identifying carpenter bees themselves. 

The Property Damage Carpenter Bees Can Create

Because carpenter bees create holes in wood, the biggest concern with an infestation is damage. Fortunately, it takes a long time for carpenter bees to create severe damage to buildings. The worst happens when bees infest the same piece of wood year after year, enlarging the holes each time. Holes created by carpenter bees can also lead to other issues around the home. They may allow extra moisture to enter the wood, which can eventually cause damage on its own. 

Male carpenter bees are incapable of stinging, and females only do so rarely. However, they will sting if they’re handled, so be wary if you see carpenter bees around your home. Disturbing the bees too much can result in stings. 

The Best Thing To Do About Carpenter Bees On Your Property

Carpenter bee prevention centers on making it more difficult to enter your home and make holes in wood. You can do this by:

  • Painting or staining wood

  • Sealing cracks in the walls of your home

  • Keeping window screens in good repair

  • Calling a professional team for bee removal

Carpenter bees typically avoid wood that’s been painted or treated. This makes bare wood more vulnerable, but it’s also a relatively easy fix you can do around your home to keep carpenter bees away. Cracks or holes in the walls, as well as open windows without intact screens, can let carpenter bees into your house, giving them easier access to wooden features and structures. 

Because carpenter bees nest inside wood, and because they’re more likely to sting if they’re threatened, the best way to remove them is to contact a professional pest control team. That way, you can be sure the bees are taken care of safely. 

How To Prevent Carpenter Bees From Coming Back

At ProForce Pest Control, we believe in protecting pollinators as well as your home and family. Although we can’t prevent bees from flying near your home, we can work to keep carpenter bees from infesting your home. 

We exclusively use EPA-approved products, which keep your family safe from unnecessary harmful exposure. By helping you control carpenter bees and other flying, stinging insects, we make your home and family safer. We offer carpenter bee control on an as-needed basis as well as part of our residential treatment packages. Whatever your situation, call ProForce Pest Control today to learn more about our carpenter bee removal in Charlotte. 

Our certified pest experts will work with you to find the best solution for your needs. Simply fill out this form for a free, no-obligation estimate.

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