How To Stop Moles From Digging Up Your Yard In Charlotte


How To Stop Moles From Digging Up Your Yard In Charlotte

Do you know what a mole is or how to identify one? Moles are rather odd pests that many people have questions about. Much of this confusion comes from the name. While moles sound similar to voles, they are an entirely different species. In fact, voles are a type of rodent, while moles are not. Instead, moles are insectivores, which means they eat insects and are more closely related to shrews.

But, while moles in Charlotte aren’t rodents, they still cause problems around area yards. They mainly destroy property as they tunnel into soil, and they’re also challenging to remove. Find out how to keep moles from digging up your Charlotte yard in this guide and why pest control in Charlotte is paramount.

How To Tell If You Have A Mole In Your Yard

The first step in mole control is knowing what these creatures look like and how to tell them apart from other species. They’re around eight inches long and a brown or gray color. Moles have paddle-like front paws that allow them to build a network of tunnels. Along with their noticeable front paws, they also have a long snout they use to sniff out insects in the soil. 

But, while knowing what moles in Charlotte look like is so helpful, the truth is that you’re very unlikely to see one. They spend most of their time in their tunnel system and rarely emerge. So, you should also look for a few other signs of mole activity, such as grass that feels spongy and dirt mounds around the yard.

What Kind Of Things Attract Moles To Your Yard?

Moles eat insects, so they come around searching for places that offer them access to their food source. They mainly eat lawn pests such as grubs and earthworms, but they’ll eat almost any insect they find in the soil, including ants. 

Along with access to their food, moles also thrive in humid environments. If you have soil that’s watered too often or generally too wet, it offers the perfect environment for moles to thrive.

How To Repel Moles Naturally

Once moles are in your yard, it’s difficult to remove them. Since they spend almost all their time in their tunnels and eat food inside the soil, you’re unlikely to see them hanging around. It’s also difficult to catch them because of their tunneling behaviors. It’s often easier to implement mole prevention measures ahead of time, such as:

  • Focusing on insect prevention: Keep your yard free of excess debris and trash. Then, implement a lawn care service that addresses grubs and other common lawn pests.

  • Removing water sources: Make sure that you’re not overwatering your lawn. Remove standing water from the property and check that rainwater is draining correctly. Last of all, for this step, fix any leaky pipes or faucets around the yard. 

  • Reducing access to garden areas: Moles love gardens because so many insects are in these plant-rich places. Consider digging or implementing a trench around any gardens so that moles can’t get into the soil. 

Lastly, contact the pest control experts for assistance. The team at ProForce Pest Control can implement mole prevention measures and also remove existing infestations.

The Best Mole Traps For Effective Pest Control 

While there are mole traps you can purchase at the store, the best way to remove these pests is through a Charlotte pest control service. You’ll likely waste time and money attempting to eradicate moles on your own. Instead, contact ProForce Pest Control to learn more about home pest control services and to request a free inspection.

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