Is Pressure Washing Your Home A Good Idea In Charlotte?

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You bet it is! Your home is a big purchase. It may also be your nest egg. If you want to retain the value, just in case you need to sell during your retirement years, it is wise to stay on top of cleaning the exterior of your home. This is particularly true when trying to keep red clay from staining your exterior with a reddish hue. If you wait to address those stains, they'll get harder to remove. Join us as we look at what pressure washing is, some of the challenges of doing it yourself, and some of the many benefits you get from a good pressure washing. If you'd like to speak to a pest control professional in Charlotte rather than read an article, we're happy to help with that as well. You can reach out to us at any time!

What Is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is the act of using a pressured spray to clean a surface and remove debris. There are machines available online that cost from $160 to over $10,000, but owning a pressure washing machine and doing it yourself is not the same as hiring a professional. Here are a few ways your ProForce Pro Wash team tackles your pressure washing.  

Pressure Washing: An application of a high-pressure spray is perfect for cleaning driveways, walkways, patios, brick, concrete, decks, fencing, docks, and more. We use a three-step program that begins with a pretreatment chemical mix. After the pretreatment, we clean organic matter off surfaces and out of cracks. We end with a post-treatment that brings surfaces back to life and makes them look new again, like restoring wood and concrete. 

Soft Washing: The exterior of your home may require special care, particularly if you have siding. We apply soft washing for cleaning siding and removing dirt, mud, clay, and stains. We finish by applying a high-volume light-pressure rinse. If we're removing clay stains, we'll apply a masonry detergent to get the desired results. If we're addressing oxidation, we'll use a unique solution that removes that oxidation and gets rid of the white chalky residue without the need for high pressure. 

Gutter Washing: Your gutters offer essential protection for your home. They channel water away from your exterior to prevent wood rot and help to deter pests that are attracted to damp conditions. We use a pressured spray to clear your gutters of obstructions and also remove unsightly stains while we're at it. Along with clearing your gutters, we blow out your downspouts to make sure water is flowing down and away from your home.

Roof Washing: Algae can feed on the limestone in your shingles. It is best to wash your roof every five to seven years. We apply an appropriate amount of pressure spray and cleaning agents to restore your roof shingles.

Window Washing: We apply a window cleaning solution using a soft-bristled brush to remove contaminants. After this, we rinse your windows to bring them to a beautiful and spotless finish. All of this is done with light pressure.

There are many ways to use pressurized water to clean away dirt, debris, and stains. Each application of pressurized spray requires unique knowledge of the surfaces being cleaned. It is best to hire a professional so that you get the desired results. If you're in Charlotte, contact ProForce Pest Control to get connected with our ProForce Pro Wash service team.

Can Pressure Washing My House Cause Damage?

If you do your own pressure washing, there are pitfalls to consider. While a professional pressure washing (or power washing) can protect your home from damage, DIY pressure washing can actually cause damage. A unit purchased online or from your hardware store can shoot water out at a pressure that can immediately damage your siding. You'll quickly realize you've made a mistake. You can strip paint off boards, crack the wood of a deck, loosen brickwork, rip shingles off your roof, destroy window screens, and tear up door screens. You can even damage concrete when improperly applying a pressure wash. On top of these issues, you can cause water damage and create the conditions for mold and algae problems to begin. That high pressure can push water under your siding or shingles and make some real trouble.

The secret to avoiding damage is to use the right amount of pressure. A professional is familiar with exactly what PSI is appropriate and will add cleaning materials to increase the effectiveness of the wash where lower pressure is required.   

Another serious consideration is the damage high-pressure washing can do to you. What do we mean? It is tricky business to get up onto your roof and wash it. You could slip and slide off. It is tricky to just get up and spray out your gutters. One mistake and you could fall from the ladder. Personal injury is common when the proper gear is not used, and when pressure washing is performed by untrained individuals. Not only is a professional properly geared and trained but they're also insured. If an accident happens, you're not the one who has to pay the bill.

What Are The Benefits Of Pressure Washing Your House?

We've touched on some of the many benefits that come with professional pressure washing. Let's go over them and quickly expound. We'll also add a few others that bear mentioning.

  • Washing the exterior of your home adds to its beauty and, when done routinely, you'll pay less than if you let stains sit for too long.
  • Clearing out your gutters will help you guard against moisture problems. There are many issues that arise from poor gutter health. Wood rot may occur. Moisture may get into your home and cause mold. A mold problem can lead to health problems. Oversaturation of your perimeter can increase pest problems. Some pests can transmit diseases to people, such as West Nile virus, Lyme disease, and murine typhus.
  • A good wash will help you keep your roof healthy and may extend the life of your roof if certain other conditions don't counteract the benefits of your periodic washing. We let you know what these factors are so you can make a wise decision about your roof health.
  • For some homes, a pressure wash can clean surfaces and prepare them for painting. A high-pressure spray gets rid of dirt, debris, and old paint, among other things.
  • If you have a professional handle your pressure washing, you'll benefit from not having to do all the hard work yourself. You won't have to worry about injury, you'll know the job will get done right, and your professional will handle important tasks you may not consider. There is a lot of preparation required before applying pressure washing to your home. A professional takes the steps required to guard your property from damage.

Now that you know what pressure washing is, some of the challenges of doing it yourself, and what a professional does to help you get the results you want, let's look at who to turn to for quality service. All companies are not created equal.

Who Offers The Best Pressure Washing Services?

When you go to the internet and search for professional pressure washing services, you're going to get a lot of results. Pressure washing is big business because it pays well. Why does it pay so well? It pays well because it is dangerous work that requires a high level of expertise. How do you weed through the results on the internet and find a company you know you can trust? If you're not in our service area, look for a company like ProForce Pest Control. We service over 15,000 homes and have a 4.90 rating on Google. That is not easy to do! It takes diligent customer service and a commitment to excellence. Along with these, look for a company that provides a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee so you get the results you want. Hire a company that is insured. Insurance doesn't just cover workplace injury, it protects your property when something unexpected happens. Fortunately, it is rare for damage to occur when pressure washing services are appropriately applied. Lastly, consider the experience of the company providing you with your service. ProForce Pest Control has a combined experience of over 60 years. You'll always receive impeccable service or we'll make it right.

Do you have questions about pressure washing or power washing that were not explained in this article? Consider jumping over to our contact page and dropping us a line. Or just call. Our job is to help you find the right services for your home. We provide pressure washing, crawl space encapsulations, home pest control, termite prevention, mosquito abatement, insulation services, sump pump installation, rodent removal, waterproofing service, and more. Every service we offer is backed by a team of highly trained service professionals with the training and skill set required to provide the best service possible. Find out why Charolette residents trust ProForce Pest Control and the ProForce Pro Wash service team for all their pressure washing needs.

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