Charlotte Homeowner's Guide To Ant Prevention


Charlotte Homeowner's Guide To Ant Prevention

Out of the wide variety of pests throughout Charlotte, ants are probably one of the most annoying to find in or around your residential property. In addition to being a significant nuisance, ants are challenging to remove.

In this article, we'll provide the knowledge you need to control and prevent ant infestations. Or, if you're looking for pest control in Charlotte that will protect your home from ants and many other pests, look no further than ProForce Pest Control. We've designed our treatment plans to target your pest problems at their source. Whether you need removal services or prevention measures to keep pests from invading your home in the future, you can count on the professionals from ProForce Pest Control. Call today to get started on your journey to a pest-free home!

What Type Of Ants Live In Nashville?

The United States is home to more than 1,000 unique ant species; however, you don't have to worry about most of them causing problems in your Charlotte home.

Some of the most common ant species in our area include:

  • Pavement ants

  • Carpenter ants

  • Fire ants

  • Odorous house ants

  • Little black ants

  • Pharaoh ants

  • Argentine ants

At ProForce Pest Control, we know how to keep ants away from your home year-round. Contact us today to learn more about how we handle ant infestations.

Why Ants Can Be So Problematic For Charlotte Homeowners

Ants cause many problems for homeowners in Charlotte and throughout the United States. Depending on the ant species you're dealing with, they might simply be a nuisance, or they could cause more severe issues. Many ants can bring harmful bacteria into your home, which can lead to illnesses such as salmonella. Ants can also contaminate your food items with their legs and bodies, which is not only disgusting but a threat to your health. Protect your home from the problems ants cause with help from ProForce Pest Control. Our ant control solutions will eliminate ants and prevent them from returning. 

How To Prevent Ants Getting Into Your Charlotte Home

Although there are many species of ants that infest homes, they tend to do so for many of the same reasons. Ants of all species are always searching for food sources to bring back to their colonies. If your home provides the resources ants need to thrive, they'll have no problem finding a way to access them.

Prevent ants from getting into your Charlotte home with a few of these ant prevention tips:

  • Equip your garbage cans with tight-fitting lids and dispose of trash regularly.

  • Eliminate sources of excess moisture, which attracts ants and many other insects.

  • Wipe down your countertops and sweep your floors to clean up any crumbs.

  • Avoid allowing dirty dishes to pile up in your sink.

  • Locate cracks and crevices in your foundation and seal them with caulk.

  • Store food items in sealed, airtight containers.

When ants cause problems in your home, your most effective option for removing them is with effective ant control services from ProForce Pest Control. Reach out to us today to ask about our pest management options. 

Professional Assistance Is Key To Total Ant Control In Charlotte

Even if you find and implement all the ant prevention tips available on the internet, these tiny insects could manage to invade your Charlotte home. When ants infest your property, the best way to remove them is with reliable home pest control services from ProForce Pest Control. With years of professional pest control experience, our service professionals are ready to handle any pest infestation, no matter its size. We work hard to solve the root of your pest problems, not just control them. That way, pest issues don't return to your property in the future.

At ProForce Pest Control, we understand how to get rid of ants by utilizing effective, efficient, and eco-friendly treatment methods. Contact us today for a free quote and to learn more about all the excellent pest control services we offer.

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