5 Things That Attract Ants To Our Charlotte Homes

June 18, 2019

a black ant crawling along the edge of a charlotte stone walkway on a sunny summer day

If you were to go outside on your property right now, how many ants would you be able to find? For most people around Charlotte, seeing ants and anthills on their properties is an everyday part of life. Of course, these hills are only the start of a bigger problem, a problem that comes when yard ants decide to become house ants. The question is, what is it that makes the ants in your yard decide to invade your home? Today we will be discussing 5 common things that attract ants into homes and some simple ways you as a homeowner can avoid these things.

Why You Don’t Want Ants In Your Home

It can seem pretty self-explanatory why ants are unwelcome in homes. They are annoying, intrusive, and all around difficult to deal with, but are these issues the extent of the troubles they bring? What you may not know is that certain species of ants can carry disease. This leaves you and your family at risk for more than just a little stress when you see ant trails running over your countertops.

Prevention Tips For Ants

When it comes to ants, there are 5 major things that attract them into homes. Let’s briefly talk about each and discuss how you can address these attractants in your own home.

  1. Food To Gather: Ants are known for their expert scavenging abilities. If your home has accessible food sources (this could be anything from a few crumbs to a full pie) ants will find a way to gather them. To Prevent this, clean regularly and store leftover food in airtight containers or in the fridge or freezer where ants cannot reach them.
  2. Places To Hide: As you know, ants love to dig their homes in the dirt around your home. Some even love to build their nests out of your home itself. This accessibility to easy real estate is a huge attractant for ants.
    We will talk about your solution to this attractant in a little bit.
  3. Water For Basic Needs: All ant species need at least a little water to survive. This can be provided in the form of leaks or water buildup around your home.
    Fixing and eliminating these sources of water build up is your best way to reduce this attractant.
  4. A Way In: Before ants can scavenge inside your home, they first need a way i. Without one, they are stuck outside.
    A great way you can reduce potential ant entry points is by making sure your home’s foundation is fully sealed by using a caulking gun to fill in any gaps or cracks you find.
  5. A Lack Of Defences: Finally, the biggest reason ants are attracted and able to invade homes is because there is nothing to stop them from doing so. If your home and property are not being regularly maintained by a pest control provider, it will always run the risk of pesky ants.

Here at ProForce LLC, keeping pests out of homes is what we do. If your home is in need of treatments, we would be happy to help. All you have to do to get unbeatable service and results is give us a call today. We will make sure you get the pest control care you are looking for.

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