Avoiding Winter Rodent Problems In Charlotte

December 31, 2019

Have you ever sat next to a warm fireplace on a chilly winter day? There really is nothing like it--especially if you were previously out in the cold. It is amazing how comfortable warmth is when your fingers, nose, and toes are cold to the touch. Here in Charlotte, as winter comes into full swing, other creatures will be looking for ways to stay warm. Not happy with the colder temperatures, rodents will be on the hunt for warm places to spend the winter. What better place than your temperature-controlled home? The worse part is, once inside, most rodents never leave on their own.

a house mouse scurrying through the trash bin inside of a charlotte north carolina home

Common Rodents In Charlotte

We don’t have too much diversity when it comes to rodent invaders here in Charlotte: we have one kind of mouse, the house mouse, and two types of rats, roof rats and Norway rats. Although limited in variety, these three rodents make up a large percentage of pest home invaders. Able to breed at rapid rates, once inside homes, a pair of these rodents can turn into a huge problem in a short amount of time.

How Rodents Get Into Homes

Rodents don’t need much to get into your home. Most commonly, they will find their way inside through cracks in your foundation, gaps under doors, or through damage in your roof area. However, they are not limited to the openings your home offers. If they feel a leak of warm air coming from a hole too small for them to crawl through, they will chew at it until it is big enough to fit through. It is good to note that house mice can fit through openings the diameter of a dime. That is not very big!

Ways To Make Your Home Less Attractive To Rodents

When it comes to making your home less attractive to rodents, there are two things you can do, seal up your home, and limit the availability of food sources. 
To start, buy a caulking gun and some wire mesh from a local hardware store. Then search your home's foundation for holes, gaps, or cracks rodents could use to get inside. If it’s cold outside, you can feel for warm drafts leaking through to find these openings. Upon finding an opening, stuff wire mesh into it and fill it over with a caulking gun. The caulk will seal air from getting in or out, saving you money on heating and cooling costs. The wire mesh will make it more difficult for rodents to chew their way inside. We also recommend installing door sweeps on all exterior doors and metal screens on vents entering your home as well as fixing weather stripping and repairing or replacing broken shingles and paneling.

To limit food sources, consider the following tips.

Make sure your interior and exterior trash cans have tight-fitting lids.
Pick up any dropped fruit from your yard as it falls from trees.
Pick up pet food and water bowls once they are done using them.
Clean regularly and under household appliances such as ovens and refrigerators where dropped food is often forgotten.
After meals, store leftover food inside airtight plastic containers. 
Repackage food that comes in cardboard, such as cereal, inside larger plastic or metal containers.

How To Deal With Rodents If They Get Inside

Getting rid of rodents is not an easy task. Store-bought traps baited with peanut butter, not cheese, can be used to cull rodent populations, but this is rarely a reliable solution to the problem. Because of how fast rodents breed, just two rodents can turn into over 1,250 in just one year! This makes solving the problem early extremely important. The rodents in your home are only limited to the amount of space in your walls and the amount of food in your pantries. 
For an immediate solution for your rodent problems, call ProForce LLC today! Our technicians have the tools and experience needed to quickly and effectively remove rodents from your home and would be happy to lend a helping hand to assist you back to a rodent-free life.

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