Common Misconceptions About The Bed Bugs In Charlotte

December 16, 2019

Bed bugs are some of the most mysterious pests we deal with in our Charlotte service area. There are many misconceptions about these tiny insects and these misconceptions can make it extremely difficult to prevent and control bed bug infestations. So, while fiction can be fun, facts are better than fiction. Here are some facts to help you protect yourself from bed bug infestations.

a bed bug infestation inside of a charlotte north carolina home

Bed Bug Myths

— Bed bugs fly.
While many blood-eating pests can fly, bed bugs aren't one of them. They also don't spring through the air like fleas. They crawl. Slowly.
— Bed bugs are only found in dirty homes. 
If you're dealing with bed bugs, it isn't because you're a dirty person. What causes you to get bed bugs? Bed bugs spread by passive dispersal. They accidentally crawl into something portable or lay their eggs in portable items. They'll travel into any home, clean or dirty. Once inside, they'll be happy to stay if they can find a blood meal.
— Bed bugs only live in beds. 
Wouldn't that be nice? Unfortunately, they do not. They can be in many places within a home. While they prefer to be in beds or near beds, they can be in couches, chairs, and even electronics. Bed bugs can also be behind baseboards, under crown molding, under carpets and inside wall voids.
— Bed bugs cannot be seen with the naked eye. 
Bed bugs are small but they're not that small. A newly hatched bed bugs is about 1mm in length and it grows to be about 4.5 mm. This is small enough to be overlooked but not small enough that you wouldn't see one if you were looking at it.
— Bed bugs do not come in from the outside. 
When bed bugs appear inside a home, it is logical to think that they came in from the outside. While this is the case with most pests, it is not true of bed bugs. These insects live almost exclusively indoors. You're not going to find any bed bugs in your yard.
— Bed bugs don't cause illness.
There are many bugs that spread diseases. This is because they feed on rotting organic material or they feed on the blood of animals that eat rotting things. Bed bugs don't tend to do either. They don't feed on rotting things in your trash and they aren't likely to feed on a mouse or rat that gets into your home. In fact, it is more likely that the rodents will eat the bed bugs. So, when we're asked, "What diseases do bed bugs carry?" We say they aren't known to spread diseases because they don't act like the pests that do. But it is important to understand that they are able to cause illness. Long term exposure to bed bugs can lead to anemia, sleep deprivation and heightened anxiety.
— Bed bugs can be eliminated with bed bug traps.
There are many traps that will lure bed bugs in and kill them. If you get them and place them down, you could catch some bed bugs. But you aren't likely to catch all the bed bugs. These insects have natural defense behaviors that prevent the entire collection from being eradicated. So, what is a good way to get rid of bed bugs? While we offer many tips to avoiding bed bugs, we don't recommend attempting to eliminate bed bugs on your own. It can lead to serious frustration and possible illness.
If you have a bed bug problem in Charlotte, reach out to ProForce. Our expertly trained pest control professionals have the tools, products and experience to rid your North Carolina home of bed bugs. Call for immediate assistance

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