Guide To Avoiding Bed Bugs When Your Child Goes Back To School

August 16, 2019

a class of children loading onto a school buss on their first day of school fully un awar of the bed bugs that are hitching a ride as well

When it comes to most kids, nothing is better than summer break. In the same way, nothing is better than the start of school for most parents! For each, it is a time of rest, a time to escape the stress of work, schedule, and noise. If you are a parent, excited for the coming school year and the peace it will bring, we have something that will help you keep it peaceful. Today, we are talking about sleep-wrecking bed bugs and how they could use your student to invade your home. But don't worry, we also have some simple tips and tricks to keep them away.

Why Bed Bugs Are A Huge Problem As School Starts Again

It may seem strange to think about bed bugs becoming more of a problem as school starts. To explain why this is the case, let’s compare bed bugs to another school pest, lice. When a single student comes to school with lice and it is not caught early, every student they come in contact with runs the risk of contracting lice. Bed bugs are the same way. But instead of infesting hair, they infest items. A common item they are known to infest is a backpack. All it would take for bed bugs to infest your student's backpack is 20 minutes of it not moving with a bed bug infested item nearby. And seeing that we are just coming out of peak bed bug time, brought about by an active summer, the chances of other student’s backpacks being infested is fairly high.

Steps You and Your Student Can Take To Avoid Bed Bug

With the risk of your student running into bed bugs being fairly high, having the tools and knowledge to keep bed bugs away is more valuable than ever. Here are some great places to start.

  • Research bed bugs with your kids. Learn how to identify them, where they hide, and the signs they leave behind.
  • Keep a vigilant eye out for bed bugs. Teach your students to check their bags and other items before they bring them inside after school.
  • If your student has gym class or participates in a sport, send them to school with a sealable plastic bag that they can store their clothing in.
  • If you or your student travels either on school trips or over school breaks, check rooms you will be staying in for bed bugs and the signs they leave behind.
  • After getting home from a trip, immediately wash all the clothing you brought in the washer and dryer on high-heat settings.

The more you keep your eye out for bed bugs, the less of a chance you will find yourself dealing with them in your own home.

When To Call The Pros

Unfortunately, sometimes prevention steps fall short and bed bugs still find a way into homes. If this becomes the case for you and your sleep is being threatened, the experts here at ProForce LLC are here to help.
To find out more about our bed bug services, or to schedule a treatment for your home, give us a call today!

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