Problems Stinging Insects Cause In Charlotte

August 30, 2019

a yellow jacket crawling along its nest that is nestled between the porch beams on a charlotte north carolina home

The sound of buzzing, is there any other sound like it? We aren’t talking about electrical buzzing or the soft buzz of a fly or gnat but rather the distinct buzzing that comes from pests that sting. It's the sound you hear coming from a patch of flowers that causes you to cross the street. It's the sound you hear while cooking on the grill, right before realizing there is a hive being built nearby, in a tree on your property. It is the sound you hear after stepping through a nest built into the earth! This is not a good sound, not a good sound at all! What does this buzz mean to you, and what are you willing to do to keep it off your property?

Common Stinging Insects Here In Charlotte North Carolina

Here in North Carolina, we have many stinging insects including yellow jackets, carpenter bees, hornets, paper wasps, and the most well known--honey bees. Although none of these stingers are exactly alike, there are a number of similarities you can expect from them. The biggest thing all of these pests have in common is the fact that they all have a nasty sting. In addition to this, these pests enjoy a steady diet of sweets, meats, or a combination of both. That being said, let's discuss some proactive steps you can take this summer to detract stinging insects from settling down on your property.

Prevention Tips For Stinging Insects

Since most stinging insects are attracted to either sugar, protein, or both, limiting attractants that draw stingers to your property is a fairly easy task. Here are our suggested tips and tricks to keep your property stinger-free this summer.

  • Limit the number of flowering plants you have on your property, as nectar from flowers attracts stinging insects.
  • If you feed your pets outdoors, be sure to pick up their bowls after they are done with them.
  • If you have fruit trees or berry bushes, make sure to pick up overripened fruits and berries as they fall.
  • Make sure all of your outdoor trash bins are tightly sealed so that stingers cannot get inside to scavenge.
  • After outdoor cookouts, clean thoroughly, making sure that no leftover food or drinks are left behind.
  • If you have bird feeders, consider moving them away from your home as they can become stinger feeders as well.

What To Do If Stingers Settle Down

Preventing stingers can be a difficult task, but it is much easier than dealing with an active nest. If you are sharing your property with dangerous stinging pests, the experts here at ProForce LLC are here to help. With a phone call, we will send one of our trained pest professionals your way ASAP. Your safety and security is our top priority. If you have a pest need, let us help today!

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