What Every Charlotte Homeowner Needs To Know About Pantry Pests  

February 25, 2020

There’s a good reason mothballs were once some of the most popular household items in America, and the cause may be just a little too close for comfort. 

an indian meal moth crawling in a food pantry

Pantry pests are an enormous concern for Charlotte homeowners and business managers alike. Since they can rip through grains and cereals, fruits and vegetables, and even some types of paper, controlling the spread of pantry pests can be like controlling a runaway fire.
Indian Meal Moths are perhaps some of the most common pantry pests in North Carolina. With two grey wings, a fifteen-millimeter body, and a pair of tiny antennae, adult Indian meal moths pose no threat to human health or wellness. Rather, the eating habits of their larvae are why they are so feared. Adult moths can lay as many as four hundred eggs within a home or business, choosing whatever food their larva (also called waxworms) will prefer most. These preferred foods often include rice, cereals, flours, and other grain-like materials. Waxworms are somewhat larger than adult moths, some measuring up to seventeen or eighteen millimeters at their peak. It won’t take these moth's eggs longer than two weeks to incubate, hatching out worms that begin feeding on nearby foods. For as long as three hundred days, waxworms can feast upon the contents of your kitchen, storage room, or pantry, contaminating a large number of foodstuffs. 
Due to the rapidity of their breeding cycles and long-lasting larval stage, an Indian Meal Moth infestation is a serious pest concern that will require a great deal of effort to remove.

How Do Indian Meal Moth Infestations Get Started In The Home?

Indian Meal Moths are resilient pests that can maintain deep roots within a home once established. Many home infestations start by homeowners unwittingly purchasing contaminated goods, which can spread both eggs and adult vectors throughout the building. To avoid this accidental introduction, ProForce LCC recommends the following prevention advice.

  • Inspect all purchased goods for signs of pantry pest activity or other contamination. The best way to check for this is by looking for adult moths or moth eggs in food, obvious rips and tears that may be present on the packaging, and small larvae crawling about inside the container. 

  • As a commercial store or food industry business, checking your deliveries is crucial to maintaining your pest-free status. Investigate trucks, packages, and any crates of foodstuffs that Indian Meal

  • Moths could be hiding in. 

  • If an infestation is discovered, it becomes imperative that home or business owners begin treatment immediately. Preventing pests of all sorts begins with regular pest control through a trusted local company such as ProForce, which is why monthly, quarterly, or year-round pest control is always preferable to one-time services.

If you think or know that pantry pests are perusing through your household goods, it is not advisable to allow the situation to worsen. Get an immediate inspection of your commercial property or private home today by calling to schedule a comprehensive inspection.

For Preventing Pantry Pests, Only ProForce Does It Best

If you have started to notice moths or other mysterious pests flitting about your kitchen, the time to act is now. Once you have removed all potentially contaminated food sources from the home or business, get in contact with the professional pantry pest removers at ProForce. ProForce’s elite roster of pest technicians and helpful service members are ready to help. Call today and let us do the work for you when you schedule a complimentary pantry pest inspection now.

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