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Boiling Springs, NC is aptly named for the bubbling springs that first attracted people to this beautiful area. Today Boiling Springs is a small town with a big heart. It is home to friendly people, gorgeous homes, local restaurants, excellent schools, and lots of insect and animal pests. To protect your Boiling Springs, NC home from pests, turn to the local pest control experts at ProForce Pest Control. We can help you guard your home or business against pests like ants, roaches, termites, mosquitoes, and more. To learn all that our residential and commercial pest control services have to offer, give ProForce Pest Control a call today. 

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Home Pest Control In Boiling Springs, NC

ProForce Pest Control keeps invasive insects and rodents out of Charlotte, NC area homes throughout the entire year and its ever-changing seasons. We offer guaranteed pest control services that are both effective and affordable. Our quarterly or bi-monthly services will ensure that your Boiling Springs home becomes and stays free of pests, no matter what time of year it is. Included in the ProForce Four Season Pest Protection Plan is:

  • Thorough inspections

  • Base barrier protection

  • Spider web and wasp nest removal

  • Extended yard barrier

  • Thorough reporting and access to our customer portal

Keep household-invading pests out of your Boiling Springs home once and for all, call ProForce Pest Control today and discover all that our residential pest control services have to offer. 

Guide To Minimizing Mosquito Exposure In Boiling Springs, NC

Mosquitoes can be squished with the slap of a hand or a newspaper, but they have the unmatched ability to ruin any outdoor activity. Mosquitoes can make eating outdoors, gardening, or even taking an evening walk with your family or dog a miserable experience. To help minimize your exposure to mosquitoes when spending time outside, ProForce Pest Control recommends wearing a mosquito repellant, wearing light-colored clothing, and trying to stay inside during mosquitoes' most active periods, dusk and dawn. 
To reduce mosquito numbers on your property, remove areas of standing water, keep the grass cut short, and reduce areas of overgrown vegetation on your property. The best way to reduce mosquito breeding and resting sites is to partner with a professional. ProForce Pest Control reduces mosquito numbers through our professional mosquito control treatments. Our mosquito treatments work to significantly reduce mosquito numbers throughout their active season. For more information about working together to minimize you and your family’s exposure to mosquitoes, call ProForce Pest Control today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Boiling Springs, NC

ProForce Pest Control understands how devastating pest infestations can be for business owners no matter what the industry. Health facilities, office spaces, retail spaces, hotels, restaurants and more all need to keep pests out and away from their inventory, brand, customers, and employees throughout the year. By partnering with ProForce Pest Control, you can be sure that your unique business’s pest control problems will be treated with a unique treatment plan. We target the source of the infestation, ensuring that the problem is solved and that pests won’t return. ProForce Pest Control offers a variety of commercial pest control options including monthly pest control plans, professional bed bug inspections and treatments, German cockroach control and prevention, and more. For comprehensive commercial pest control services, trust ProForce Pest Control, our dedicated professionals, and modern solutions.

Protect Your Boiling Springs, NC Property From Termite Damage

Termites are wood-destroying insects that pose a significant threat to home and business owners across the country, including those in North Carolina. Termites emerge from the ground and into a structure and have the potential to work without notice for months or years. Often their presence is only discovered after their significant and costly damage is discovered, damage that is made even more traumatic because most homeowners insurance doesn’t cover termite damage. To protect your Boiling Spring home or business from the devastating effects of a termite infestation, partner with ProForce Pest Control. If you are experiencing a current problem with termites or want to stop termites before they have the chance to invade your home or business, we can help. To learn more about our inspections, treatments, and follow-up visits, contact ProForce Pest Control today.


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