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No one wants to deal with the hassle of a pest infestation in their home. From ants and roaches to rodents and more, pests can be a real nuisance that can damage your property or, worse, carry diseases into your living space. Getting rid of them quickly and efficiently is important before they become an even bigger problem.

ProForce Pest Control is here for all your home pest problems in Charlotte, NC. We offer comprehensive services and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you know you are always getting the best service. Our team's mission is to help protect your living environment from pesky invaders while providing personable customer service throughout the process. We understand how stressful dealing with pests can be and strive to make sure you feel comfortable and confident as we work together to eliminate unwanted guests from your home.

With ProForce Pest Control on your side, you don't have to worry about taking care of pesky intruders ever again! Contact us today for more information about our residential pest control in Charlotte.

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Our Home Pest Control Service

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At ProForce Pest Control, we know dealing with pests can be a source of worry. That's why we offer comprehensive home pest solutions in Charlotte, NC, to help you protect your living environment. We have decades of experience in the industry, so you can trust that we'll get the job done right.

Our professionals use top-of-the-line equipment and techniques combined with eco-friendly options to ensure your home is pest-free. We offer ongoing pest control services with recurring quarterly services and always provide free re-treatments in between on the off-chance a pest dares show up between services. With each service plan, our service professionals will inspect your home inside and out, looking for signs of pest activity or potential entry points that could lead to future infestations. Based on the seasonality of pests in the area, our service professionals will apply pet-friendly products around the base perimeter or nest sites like shrubbery and damp areas in order to keep them away from your property lines. Additionally, they'll sweep all eaves (up to 30 feet high), removing any spider or wasp nests. 

With our home pest control services, you can expect:

  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff who can answer any questions.
  • A guarantee on our services. If you see pests between visits, we will return within 24-48 hours.
  • A detailed email after each visit with information on what products we used and access to your online customer portal.

At ProForce Pest Control, our goal is to provide you with the most reliable home pest solutions in Charlotte, NC. With our services, you can feel confident that your home is free of pesky intruders. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive residential pest control program.

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Our Additional Pest Services

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While our general pest control program is a great way to protect your home from common household pests, we also offer additional pest services for those looking for more specialized solutions:

  • Termite Control: Nothing can devastate your home quite like a termite infestation. We offer both baiting and liquid termite control to help protect your home from these destructive pests.
  • Mosquito control: Enjoy outdoor living confidently, knowing that mosquito populations in Charlotte, NC, are kept at bay! Our bimonthly mosquito service runs from April through October to keep your yard free of these pesky insects. 
  • Bed Bug Control: Don't let bed bugs take over your home! We offer an effective and comprehensive solution for getting rid of bed bugs once and for all.
  • Cockroach Control: Keep roaches away with our effective cockroach control services. With professional treatment, you can rest easy, knowing your home is free of these disease-spreading pests.
  • Rodent Removal & Exclusion: Rodents can wreak havoc on your property if left unchecked, so contact us today to learn more about our rodent control services. We provide effective solutions to keep rodents away from your home for good.

Choose ProForce Pest Control for comprehensive pest control for your home. We offer reliable solutions for tackling any infestation, and our superior customer service sets us apart from other residential pest control companies. Contact us today to learn more or request a free service quote.

Our Effective Pest Control Process

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Detailed Inspections

Our team of service professionals will conduct a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of your home. These inspections reveal hidden entry points, nest sites, and other areas where pests may be hiding.

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Comprehensive Consultation

We will discuss all our findings in detail with you and answer any questions you may have. We'll also review your service options and develop a plan that fits your needs.

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Professional Treatment

We use only the highest quality products available to ensure you get the best results. Our service professionals are courteous and thorough and will take care of your home as if it were their own

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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"Fast response when I called for an inspection. Scheduled my first treatment around my schedule. Very informative and friendly. I highly recommend."

Tamara T
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"The ProForce team is friendly, professional and very thorough. They made signing up extremely simple and the first service was great. Austin was a pleasure to speak with and he quickly and clearly explained everything he did. I'm really happy we picked them after speaking to two other companies."

Kate P
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"We have used ProForce for over a year, changing from another company.  We have been pleased with their service and responsiveness if an issue arises. I have recommended to friends. Chad is our technician and he is always polite and professional."

Luanna B

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