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Trusted Home Pest Control Services For The Charlotte, NC Area

Are you dealing with pest problems in your home or on your property? Do you wish that there was a way to keep your home free of pests? If so, we can help! At ProForce, we provide our customers with the highest quality of service in the industry. With our years of experience in the pest control industry and our quality residential pest control solutions, we can meet all of your pest control service needs, and our years of customer satisfaction speak for it! To get started with our pest protection, partner with us today!


The ProForce Four Season Pest Protection Plan

Thorough Inspections

Here at ProForce Pest Control, we bring our customers the highest quality of service in the industry. We accomplish this by beginning all of our services with a thorough inspection of your property.  During this inspection, we'll inspect your home, both inside and out, to identify the origin of your current pest problem(s) and locate the nesting sites of pests and potential entry points that could contribute to future pest activity.

Base Barrier Protection

After we've performed your inspection, we'll then use a variety of pet and family-friendly products to treat your property. Depending on the season and pest problem, we'll determine which of our base barrier products will best take care of your pests, then apply our guaranteed product all the way around the base of your home.

Spider Web & Wasp Nest Removal

During every service visit, our service professionals will carefully sweep all the eaves of your home (30ft or lower). Having a professional sweep your eaves is great for getting rid of the unsightly wasp nests or spider webs. However, the primary function of sweeping eaves is to prevent new pests from using your eaves as an entry point into your home.

Extended Yard Barrier

We start our yard barrier by granulating around the perimeter of your yard, keeping your neighbor’s pests in their yard. Next, we'll work our way toward your home, identifying and treating nesting sites such as shrubbery and damp, shaded areas of your lawn giving you the opportunity to not only enjoy a pest-free home, but a yard with fewer pests.

Thorough Reporting & Customer Portal

Instead of leaving you a door hanger that may blow away in the wind, get wet in the rain, or get thrown away by accident, we send you an e-mail detailing your completed service and what products we used. Each e-mail we send will also give you access to your online customer portal, giving you the ability to see when your upcoming services will take place, update your payment information, and leave us feedback. This is all in an effort to make scheduling and keeping-up-to-date on your pest control services easier for you!

Keep Your North Carolina Home Pest-Free, Guaranteed!

Here at ProForce, we perform quarterly as well as bi-monthly services to ensure that you’re always receiving the best services possible, and at the best price! We also offer a guarantee on our services; if you see pests return in between our regularly scheduled services, call us and we'll return within 24-48 hours or at your earliest convenience to re-treat, completely free of charge! And with our years of experience and affordable services PLUS a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you'll be hard pressed to find a better pest control company for the job than us! To learn more about our services or to get started with us, reach out to us today!


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