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In the metropolitan area of Charlotte, North Carolina is a small suburban city called Kings Mountain. Residents of Kings Mountain enjoy a variety of nature trails and beautiful natural landmarks within Crowders Mountain State Park. This area is home to many wonderful people, but it is also home to many not-so-wonderful pests. That is where ProForce Pest Control comes in. ProForce can take care of all your commercial and residential pest control needs. With licensed and experienced pest professionals on your side, you never have to worry about the stress of pests on your properties or in your buildings. Contact ProForce Pest Control to learn how we can keep your Kings Mountain property pest free, year-round.

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Home Pest Control In Kings Mountain, NC

Dealing with rodents, mosquitoes, bed bugs, cockroaches, and any other pests around your Kings Mountain home is stressful and frustrating. And if you’re trying to handle pest problems on your own, that stress and frustration can get even worse.

At ProForce Pest Control, we understand the importance of providing the most effective pest control service methods and treatments. In servicing Kings Mountain residential properties, we go above and beyond to ensure that pests are dealt with effectively. With everything from spider web removal to base barrier protection, the pest technicians at ProForce have you covered.

Enjoy a pest-free home this season when you reach out to ProForce Pest Control for comprehensive pest treatments!

Guide To Minimizing Mosquito Exposure In Kings Mountain, NC

Mosquitoes are widely regarded as some of the most annoying pests on earth, to the point where some Kings Mountain residents give up on hosting outdoor events. With the rise of mosquito populations during summer, it’s a good idea to be aware of actions you can take to reduce your mosquito exposure.

  • Wear insect repellent while outdoors.

  • Avoid areas with tall grass, weeds, shrubs, or other thick vegetation.

  • Take steps to reduce moisture on your property, such as dumping out containers that collect water and clearing your gutter system.

  • Install fans in areas where you plan to spend time outside. Mosquitoes can't land where there is a breeze.

  • Contact professional mosquito control.

ProForce Pest Control offers mosquito control and prevention services for both residential and commercial properties. If you want to see a dramatic decrease in mosquito activity around your Kings Mountain property, reach out to the professionals at ProForce today!

Commercial Pest Control In Kings Mountain, NC

If you’re looking to treat a current pest problem or to prevent pests before they invade, ProForce Pest Control has a solution for you. Your Kings Mountain business is no place for pests. So the pest technicians here at ProForce Pest Control are dedicated to removing existing pest infestations and providing solutions that will keep future infestations from occurring. Hotels, doctor's offices, restaurants, food-processing facilities, and many other businesses take advantage of our monthly pest control plans. The pest experts at ProForce Pest Control are happy to assist folks with all types of commercial pest control needs, including professional bed bug inspections, German cockroach treatments, quality termite control, rodent removal services, and more!

Problems Rodents Cause In Kings Mountain, NC

Whether it’s their large, yellow teeth or their long, scaly tails, rodents can be frightening pests on Kings Mountain properties. However, the terrifying truth of rodent infestations goes deeper than their unkempt appearance. Rodents are capable of infesting properties for long periods without anyone being aware of them. This gives them time to find food, to build nests, and to produce young. As more rodents breed and reproduce, they can cause serious issues which include:

  • Disease: Rats, mice, and even squirrels are known for spreading harmful bacteria and viruses to humans. Hantavirus, plague, tularemia, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis are just a few of the diseases rodents are capable of spreading into your Kings Mountain home or business building.

  • Danger: Aside from the health concerns related to the spread of disease, rodents can be dangerous when threatened or cornered. Residents may get bitten or scratched if they approach an aggressive rodent.

  • Damage: Rodents chew. A lot. Whether it’s furniture, books, personal belongings, baseboards, structural beams, pipes, or wires... Rodents will chew on anything. In rare cases, damaged piping has led to floods, and damaged wires have led to fires.

Keep rodent out of your home or business with effective rodent control and treatment options from ProForce Pest Control!


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