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What are termites?

Best known for their unique diet, termites are pests that no Charlotte, North Carolina, homeowner wants to discover on their property. Termites are one of the few organisms that feed on cellulose. Thanks to special microbes in their gut, they can convert the usually indigestible cellulose into a usable source of nutrition.

Termites are social and work as a team for the greater good of the colony. They divide their colonies into different groups, each performing a specific task. Alates (reproductive termites) create new termites and nesting sites, soldiers help defend the nest from harm, and workers gather food and bring it back to the nest.

Many different kinds of termites live across the United States, each with unique nesting habits and behaviors. In our region, the eastern subterranean termite is most prevalent.

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Are termites dangerous?

We consider termites dangerous because of how destructive they are to structures. When termites invade a home, they will keep returning daily, causing more and more damage. While the damage they cause doesn’t happen overnight, it can become severe and costly. Termites live and gather food sources without being seen, which is why they are so problematic. It isn’t uncommon for a termite infestation to go unnoticed for months or years, allowing them time to damage the structure of a home or other building significantly.

It is also important to note that since eastern subterranean termites are attracted to moisture, an infestation indicates moisture issues in or around your home that you need to address quickly.

Why do I have a termite problem?

Termites are a threat to all homes located in North Carolina and throughout the southern portion of the United States. Our climate is ideal for these insects to feed, breed, and maintain large populations throughout the year. Unlike northern states that experience deep freezes in the winter, we have short, mild winters that allow termites to thrive year-round.

North Carolina is a state that naturally has high termite activity. Eastern subterranean termites live all around us, with a single colony containing up to a million members. Termites can become a problem in any North Carolina home, any time of the year.

Where will I find termites?

Eastern subterranean termites nest outside in the ground in areas of damp soil. These subterranean termites live and travel underground and infest the interior of wood to stay hydrated. Without a constant source of moisture, they will quickly dry out and die. 

These termites do not live inside the wood they use as a food source; the workers travel daily from the nest to their found food sources. 

When worker termites leave the nest to forage for food, they can wind up inside our homes. Damp soil or decaying wood around the perimeter of a house will attract them. They will move inside through tiny cracks they come across in the foundation or wood sitting directly on the ground. 

When termites are in our homes, they aren’t buzzing around our heads like flies or crawling on our kitchen counters like ants. A termite infestation is difficult for homeowners to detect because the termites are feasting on structural wood located behind walls, under floors, and above ceilings. Because of their secretive nature, regular home pest control services are the best way to avoid issues with these wood-eating pests.

How do I get rid of termites?

Every Charlotte home is susceptible to a termite infestation. Let the professionals at ProForce Pest Control provide you with the comprehensive termite control necessary to help you maintain a termite-free property. Using the best practices, we solve termite problems and keep these destructive pests from returning. Our professionals are committed to exceeding the expectation of our customers. To learn more about our termite inspections, treatments, and follow-up services, contact us today.

How can I prevent termites in the future?

In addition to our effective termite control and prevention services, we have compiled a list of tips to help you keep these destructive pests out of your Charlotte home.

  • Take away their easy access to your house by sealing cracks in the foundation.
  • Create a crushed stone barrier between any mulch and your home’s exterior.
  • Never stack wood near your house. 
  • Reduce wood-to-soil contact on your property. 
  • Repair leaky pipes, window damage, or loose roof shingles that can allow moisture problems to develop in your home. 
  • Replace any water-damaged wood in or on your house.

Don’t gamble with termites and the damage they can cause. Reach out today for the best termite control in Charlotte.

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