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Bed Bugs

a bed bug on a mattress

Bed bugs are small, parasitic insects that feed on blood. They tend to hitchhike on clothing and furniture, infesting homes and businesses all over the world. Bed bugs can cause allergic reactions, skin irritation, and sleepless nights due to their nocturnal feeding habits. 

What To Do If You Think Your Charlotte Home Has Bed Bugs


a little mouse with a yellow tomato

Rodents, such as rats and mice, can be a major nuisance. They can spread disease through their droppings, gnaw on materials in your home or business, and create a fire hazard by chewing through wires.

An Effective Method To Keeping Mice And Rats Away From Your Charlotte Home


subterranean termites

Many different kinds of termites live across the United States, each with unique nesting habits and behaviors. In our region, the eastern subterranean termite is most prevalent.

The Importance Of Quality Termite Control For Your Charlotte Property

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"The ProForce team is friendly, professional and very thorough. They made signing up extremely simple and the first service was great. Austin was a pleasure to speak with and he quickly and clearly explained everything he did. I'm really happy we picked them after speaking to two other companies."

Kate P
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"We have used ProForce for over a year, changing from another company.  We have been pleased with their service and responsiveness if an issue arises. I have recommended to friends. Chad is our technician and he is always polite and professional."

Luanna B

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