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TAP insulation is a unique high-performance product that provides thermal protection, acoustic control, and pest control. Recycled materials constitute up to 90% of this environmentally-conscious insulation, making it a truly "green" product. TAP insulation is an EPA pest control product that delivers protection against ants, cockroaches, termites, and other household pests.

Family-owned and operated, ProForce Pest Control provides a holistic approach to home pest control. We offer traditional pest control services and provide TAP insulation installation for ultimate home pest control protection, energy efficiency, and noise reduction. Whether you live in a house that needs old, inefficient insulation removed and replaced with TAP insulation, or you want TAP insulation installed on top of old, settled installation to boost energy efficiency and provide additional pest protection, we can do it all.

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When you contact ProForce Pest Control for attic insulation installation, we will have a trained installer evaluate your Charlotte home within two to three business days. Based on the size of the house and your schedule, we will install the insulation within about two weeks.

Because TAP insulation is a blown-in insulation product, our installers will arrive at your Charlotte area home with a machine to install the product. As a blown-in product, TAP insulation is superior to rolled insulation because it does not leave voids and gaps around studs and pipes but fills nooks, crannies, and the entire cavity. TAP insulation installation in Charlotte homes generally takes only one day but can take longer, depending on the situation.

TAP insulation is an EPA-registered pest control product, and only licensed pest management professionals like ProForce Pest Control can install the product. By replacing your insulation or adding TAP to existing insulation, you reduce pest problems and provide Charlotte pest control protection as long as the product is in your house. 

We also offer other forms of loose fill blown in insulation and can recommend a solution best suited to your needs. If desired, we can also include an attic clean-out and sanitation service with your installation. Contact ProForce Pest Control for quality insulation services in Charlotte.

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Choose ProForce Pest Control For Your Insulation Needs

ProForce Pest Control is Charlotte's source for high-quality insulation services. We recommend upgrading to TAP insulation, but we will work with you to find the right insulation for your home.

There are three reasons why you should consider TAP insulation as an insulation replacement or addition to your Charlotte area home:

  1. Thermal protection
  2. Acoustical 
  3. Pest Control

TAP insulation is an Energy Star-rated product due to its high R-value. An R-value is the rating of an insulation's energy efficiency. TAP insulation has an R-value of 3.6 per inch, more than other insulation types. Because TAP insulation is denser than traditional fiberglass insulation, it slows air flow providing better interior heat retention during the winter; slow airflow also keeps the house cooler in the summer.

The "A" of TAP stands for "Acoustical" because this insulation reduces the penetration of exterior noises into your house. Sound can travel easily through solid objects, but when it encounters a mixture of solids and small air pockets, it loses its ability to cross a barrier. Air pockets between the paper fibers in TAP insulation impede sound waves from infiltrating the ceiling and walls, almost eliminating outdoor sounds from entering the home.

TAP insulation contains a specialized borate material integrated into the paper fibers. According to scientific studies, insects cannot detect boric acid, so they will not try to avoid locations with TAP insulation but instead walk right into a deadly trap. When cockroaches, ants, termites, and other pests attempt to crawl through the insulation, the borate particles attach to their bodies, and they later ingest the product when they clean themselves. Once inside the pest's body, the borate disrupts digestion and starves the creature. An additional benefit to TAP insulation is that insects cannot develop a tolerance to the borates in the product; as long as you have the TAP insulation in your house, you have pest control protection.

Are you still wondering if an insulation upgrade is for you? According to a Harvard study, more than 65% of U.S. homes are not sufficiently insulated, especially older homes. Also, many blown-in insulation products lose their R-value as they age and settle; adding TAP insulation adds another R-19 value to blown-in insulation. TAP insulation from ProForce Pest Control is a good choice for pest protection, noise reduction, and improved energy efficiency.

For TAP insulation and other insulation services in Charlotte, contact ProForce Pest Control today.

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