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While termites can be beneficial when they stay outside, that all changes when they find their way inside. And unfortunately, they don’t always stay where they belong. When termites invade, they often go unnoticed as they sneak in from underground and remain hidden away within the walls of your home once inside. That’s a huge problem because they begin to cause damage as soon as they arrive, and they won’t stop until you notice and eliminate them, oftentimes after significant damage has already been done.

In the United States alone, termites cause over $5 billion in structural damage to buildings every year. The best way to avoid becoming a part of that statistic is to prevent them from getting into your home in the fist place. That's where professional termite control and prevention comes in! Whether you're dealing with a current termite problem or want to prevent termites from invading before they have the chance to cause expensive structural damages, the termite control experts at ProForce Pest Control can help!

ProForce's Termite Control Offerings

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Initial Termite Inspection

The first part of your termite treatment plan involves performing a thorough inspection of your home. We’ll look for signs of termites and termite damage to determine whether you have a current infestation and where it’s occurring.

Treatment & Installation (Termidor®)

Once your initial inspection has been completed, we'll then move to stage two of our termite control process: installation. If you're dealing with a current termite infestation in your home, we'll spot treat with Termidor®, the most effective termiticide on the market. We'll then install termite monitoring stations in strategic areas around your property. These termite monitoring systems are installed 10-15 ft apart around the perimeter of your home and work as early detection devices for any new or existing termite activity on your property.

Follow-Up Visits & Re-Treatment

After your termite monitoring system has been installed, we'll return to check the stations every 90 days. If any termite activity has occurred at any of the stations during this 90-day period, we'll place a solution in the stations called a chitin inhibitor. When termites feed on the solution in these bait stations, they'll become unable to shed their skin, which is fatal to termites. In addition, those worker termites can also transfer the chitin inhibitor to other termites, leading to the elimination of the entire colony. If any of the monitoring stations on your property detect termite activity, we'll also re-apply our Termidor® spot treatments around those bait stations for added termite protection.
Don’t leave your Charlotte home susceptible to a termite infestation. Instead, contact us at ProForce today to set up your termite inspection and get started on protecting your home from these destructive invaders! With our professional termite control treatments, we'll make sure that those termites remain where they belong, away from your home!


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