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Friendly Home Services In Cleveland, NC

You will find Cleveland, North Carolina, in the heart of western Rowan County, offering no shortage of small-town charm. This quaint town offers residents all the advantages that small-town living comes with and the benefit of easy access to the amenities found in the region’s large cities. 

ProForce Pest Control is a locally owned company that understands a home is where the heart is. We know your house is where your family gathers, and where you feel most relaxed and comfortable. However, we also understand that owning and maintaining a home takes a lot of work. At ProForce Pest Control, we want to help take some of that work off your shoulders through home services. From pest control to insulation to crawl space encapsulation services, we are here to help you maintain your home.

Learn more about our home services in Cleveland, North Carolina, and how we can work together to maintain your family’s home.

Residential Pest Control In Cleveland

Insects, rodents, spiders, and other pests have learned the value of living near people. They have come to understand that our properties offer them easy access to the things they need to survive: food, water, and shelter. When pests find their way into your home, they are more than just a nuisance. Some of the many problems pests can cause include structural damage, triggering allergies and asthma attacks, spreading bacteria and disease, and contaminating food sources. 

The best way to keep pests out of your Cleveland home or address a current pest problem is with the help of a local pest control expert. ProForce Pest Control is a local business that understands the unique needs of the people who call our region home. We are committed to our customers and providing them with the necessary services to ensure pests aren’t damaging their homes or harming the people living inside. 

Benefits to choosing us for your residential pest control needs include:

  • Top-of-the-line equipment

  • Eco-friendly options

  • Pet-friendly products

  • Ongoing (quarterly) pest control services

  • Free re-treatments between service visits (if necessary)

  • Detailed email after each visit

  • Online customer portal

To learn more about our effective home pest control services, including information about our free inspections and 100% guarantee, please contact us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Cleveland

Here at ProForce Pest Control, we understand that people don’t only need to guard their homes against pests. Local businesses also require quality pest control services. When pests decide to invade a commercial property, they cause various problems, including damaging the reputation of that business. Customers won’t feel comfortable spending their money in a place where they have seen pests scurrying across the floor or have had to swat pests away from their faces. 

Reaching out to a professional is the best way to meet the pest control needs of your commercial property. Commercial buildings provide pests with many entry points, hiding spots, and places to forage for food and water. 

To help combat pest issues, we offer business owners in Cleveland monthly pest control customized to meet your unique needs. Our locally owned business understands the needs of business owners in Cleveland and will work with you to get pests out and keep them out. 

Protect your reputation, brand, customers, and employees from pest damage with our help. Call today to learn about implementing our commercial pest control program that is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The Many Ways Termites Can Damage Cleveland Homes

Termites are tiny pests that cause great fear for Cleveland homeowners. The damage these wood-destroying insects cause through their feeding habits can become extensive and expensive. Below are some examples of some of the ways termites damage houses:

  • The tunnels that termites create can allow moisture to seep into a home and provide a home for other pests.

  • A termite’s feeding habits can damage cabinets, furniture, trim, and floors.

  • Over time, termites can cause enough destruction to beams and joists to cause significant structural damage.

When dealing with termites, it is vital to be proactive to avoid the damage these insects can cause. We will tailor our services to meet your home’s needs and ensure that we eliminate these destructive pests using both baiting systems and liquid treatments. Let our professionals provide you with termite control services to maintain a home free of these destructive pests. Call today!

How Cleveland Homeowners Can Protect Their Crawl Spaces From Pests

A home’s crawl space often provides pests like spiders, crickets, ants, and cockroaches a suitable place to call home. The best way to make your crawl space less attractive to pests is to eliminate its excess moisture. Here at ProForce Pest Control, we can eliminate moisture and make your crawl space less attractive to pests through our crawl space encapsulation service. 

In addition to waterproofing, encapsulating crawl spaces prevents extreme temperatures from negatively affecting your home's interior temperature. It also helps to prevent things like fungus, wood rot, and pests like termites from establishing themselves under your house. To learn more about our encapsulation services and the long-lasting barrier of protection they provide for your home; please reach out today.

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