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Residents of Concord, a beautiful city in North Carolina, often settle in the area because it offers a high quality of life and is a great place to raise a family. It is a dream come true for fans of race car driving and is home to the Charlotte Motor Speedway, one of the most well-known NASCAR tracks in the country.

It is also stunning with its charming 19th-century historic buildings and is a popular shopping destination, especially due to the presence of the Concord Mills shopping mall, one of the biggest ones in the state.

But what doesn't rate highly for people in Concord is the multitude of pests that take over homes and businesses. If some of them are threatening the safety of your household or employees, ProForce Pest Control has years of experience offering top-rated pest control in Concord.

Residential Pest Control In Concord

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Few things guarantee peace of mind, like residential pest control inspections and guaranteed child and pet-friendly treatments. While there are many unwanted invaders in Concord, like termites, cockroaches, and rodents, it is possible to keep them out of your home by eliminating the factors that draw them there and having an expert look things over every once in a while.

Prevention is crucial with pests, as keeping an infestation at bay is much less challenging than exterminating it. ProForce Pest Control has serviced over 10,000 homes over the years using highly effective but minimally invasive strategies like base barrier protection, wasp nest removal, and mosquito control treatments in season. If you've been the target of a pest problem in the past, regularly scheduled inspections can put your mind at rest.

After scheduling an inspection at a convenient time for you and listening to your concerns, we will devise a prevention plan and treatment strategy. Call us today to find out how our services can eliminate pest infestations in your home for good.

Commercial Pest Control In Concord

We're not exaggerating when we say a pest infestation can make or break a business. Not only can dangerous invaders make the work environment unsafe by spreading pathogens, especially rodents or cockroaches, but they can cause extensive damage to your commercial property by eating up inventory and damaging supplies, and with invaders like termites and carpenter ants, destroying its structure quickly.

The best way to avoid these problems is to use effective commercial pest control solutions with a company with experience dealing with Concord pests. At ProForce Pest Control, we tailor our treatments to your unique situation and business. We also offer monthly pest control plans, exclusion services, and bundles to tackle multiple pests simultaneously. And our services are discreet to avoid getting in the way of your daily operations.

Contact us today to learn how our commercial pest management services can uphold your reputation for years. 

Concord's Guide To Crawl Space Encapsulation

If you are familiar with crawl space encapsulation, you know how helpful it can be in preventing pests from taking over and regulating humidity levels. Our experts will seal your crawl space from the outside by installing a vapor barrier, a dehumidifier, and more. The result is a dry, clean, and healthy environment in the crawl space, improving indoor air quality and reducing energy costs.

We usually follow several steps during the crawl space encapsulation process to ensure excellent results. We remove standing water, debris, and mold from the area, install a durable plastic sheet over floors and walls known as a vapor barrier, and set up a ventilation system to regulate humidity and prevent mold and mildew. 

For all your questions, including the cost to encapsulate your crawl space, call ProForce Waterproofing today to schedule an inspection and get a quote.

Transform Your Property With Pro Power Washing In Concord

Professional power washing is one of our best tools to remove dirt, mold, and more from your driveway, sidewalk, and patios. Using extremely powerful equipment that is safe on hard surfaces, along with pre-treatment and post-treatment when needed, the ProForce Pro Wash team can make your property look dramatically better. Power washing is also an excellent choice for roofs to make them last longer. 

Because you need to power wash homes correctly, working with a trained professional is always best. Using too much pressure can damage delicate surfaces, and doing the job the wrong way won't deliver the results you are looking for.

At ProForce Pro Wash, we take care of the prep work to protect your foliage and outside electrical panels and strive to use minimal water. Call us today to discover how power washing can transform your property.

ProForce has transformed Concord properties with effective pest control services, crawl space encapsulation, and power washing. Call us today to learn more about our services and schedule a home visit.

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"Fast response when I called for an inspection. Scheduled my first treatment around my schedule. Very informative and friendly. I highly recommend."

Tamara T
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"The ProForce team is friendly, professional and very thorough. They made signing up extremely simple and the first service was great. Austin was a pleasure to speak with and he quickly and clearly explained everything he did. I'm really happy we picked them after speaking to two other companies."

Kate P
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"We have used ProForce for over a year, changing from another company.  We have been pleased with their service and responsiveness if an issue arises. I have recommended to friends. Chad is our technician and he is always polite and professional."

Luanna B

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