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Pest Control In Lucia, NC

Lucia is an unincorporated part of Gaston County 16 miles northeast of Charlotte. The small community is best known as the home to the Andrew Carpenter House, an early 19th-century plantation home on the National Register of Historic Places. This community provides residents with a quiet town a short drive from North Carolina’s largest city.

Lucia doesn’t have the entertainment options of Charlotte, but it provides locals with spacious land. The woods that border its properties provide homes for various animals. Unfortunately, since these areas are so close to homes and businesses, creatures frequently invade buildings, causing damage and spreading illnesses. Lucia pest control professionals can prevent these invasions.

ProForce Pest Control provides Lucia residents with the best pest solutions in the area. Our service professionals will remove animals from your property and prevent future incursions.

Residential Pest Control In Lucia

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Many animals live near Lucia homes and invade properties for food, water, and shelter. Most homes have tiny crevices or gaps in the exterior, providing entry points for pests to invade your house. They can cause damage to your property and illnesses in your family when they enter your home, making residential pest control services in Lucia a necessity.

ProForce Pest Control provides expert pest control for over 2,200 North Carolina homes. Our service technicians will inspect your property to find pests and determine the factors that attract them. After developing the most effective treatment plan, we use pet and family-friendly products to treat your house and create a barrier to prevent problems in the future.

Quality pest control is year-round, so we offer quarterly recurring services. We’ll return four times annually to treat your home and ensure our barrier keeps pests out. Call us today to discover how our residential pest services can protect your home.

Commercial Pest Control In Lucia

Wooded areas surround commercial properties in Lucia, allowing pests to build homes near businesses. Their locations provide easy access to structures that have ample food, water, and hiding places. These invasions are problematic because these animals can damage equipment, contaminate products, and cause health risks for anyone in your facility.

Our commercial pest control services in Lucia from ProForce Pest Control will protect your business from these issues. Even if you’ve yet to experience an infestation, we can prevent problems before they occur, allowing your establishment to remain pest-free. We provide monthly service plans to keep common pests out of your building and treat any affected areas.

Pests can cause various problems when they invade Lucia businesses. Give us a call to learn more about our commercial pest services.

Professional Waterproofing Services For Lucia Properties

Water can cause several problems for a building. It attracts pests and can promote the growth of mold and mildew, creating health concerns for occupants. The humid climate in North Carolina can worsen your moisture issues, causing damage inside walls and crawl spaces.

Professional waterproofing services will create a barrier in your building that water can’t penetrate. Avoiding water issues before they occur will prevent damage and growths that could result in costly repairs. Some of our waterproofing services at ProForce Pest Control include:

  • Crawl space encapsulation
  • Sump pump and drainage
  • Fungal remediation
  • Dehumidifier installation
  • Vapor barrier installation

When you call ProForce Waterproofing to handle your waterproofing needs, our service technicians will inspect your building to find vulnerabilities and concerns. We’ll clean out your crawl spaces, remove debris, treat fungal growths, and seal your vulnerable rooms with a top-quality vapor barrier.

In addition to preventing water from entering your building, our waterproofing services will keep rodents and pests out, avoiding additional issues. Contact us to learn more about how you can benefit from our professional waterproofing services in Lucia.

How Pressure Washing Can Keep Lucia Homes Beautiful

Over time, dust, dirt, and grime will build up on surfaces around your property. The longer they remain on your building, driveways, or walkways, the harder they are to remove. For this reason, pressure washing various parts of your property will keep it looking beautiful.

Some of the benefits of pressure washing your home include the following:

  • Remove stains.

  • Eliminate mold or mildew.

  • Clear your gutters.

In addition to beautifying your home, pressure washing will improve your property's curb appeal. Many assume they can pressure wash their home instead of calling professional pressure washing services. However, the power behind pressure washers can cause damage to your property and possibly injuries if you don’t use the proper techniques.

At ProForce Pro Wash, we provide pressure washing, soft washing, roof washing, and gutter cleaning. Our service technicians use the best tools and techniques to clean your home, ensuring you benefit from a quality cleaning.

Pressure washing your home will keep it looking beautiful if done correctly. Call us today to experience the benefits of professional pressure washing at your Lucia home.

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