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Salisbury is a historic town between Charlotte and Greensboro. It features multiple parks, lakes, and rolling hills, providing beautiful views for residents and visitors. Salisbury also has restaurants, museums, shops, and a theater, making it an enjoyable place to live and work.

While Salisbury is a great place to live, local homes and businesses face threats from pests. These problematic creatures can damage buildings and spread illnesses when they invade homes. Fortunately, you can keep local pests away with help from Salisbury pest control professionals.

At ProForce Pest Control, we provide all-inclusive solutions to protect your home from the various threats in the area. We'll eliminate different infestations and provide ongoing service to keep you safe.

Residential Pest Control In Salisbury

salisbury north carolina residential home

Various pests live in and around Salisbury, creating problems for residents. These animals can find their way into homes through tiny spaces in buildings, causing damage to the structure and belongings. Others can spread illnesses to occupants, creating a health risk for anyone in your house.

At ProForce Pest Control, our service begins by thoroughly inspecting your home. We'll look inside and out to find what attracted the pests, where they're nesting, and possible entry points. Following our inspection, we'll determine the best pet and family-friendly applications to use on your home. We'll also sweep your eaves to rid your house of spider webs and wasp nests, preventing future infestations.

We guarantee our residential pest control services, so we'll return to re-treat your house for free if you still have pest problems. We offer recurring services to protect your home year-round and can show up between visits to treat any new invasions. Call us today to discover more about how we can keep pests out of your Salisbury house.

Commercial Pest Control In Salisbury

Businesses are an essential part of the Salisbury community. Unfortunately, they also attract pests. Whether food and moisture are in your facility or open doors provide easy entry, these creatures can cause damage to your building, products, and reputation. They also can cause a health risk for your staff and customers. For these reasons, a quality commercial pest control plan should be part of your operation.

When you call ProForce Pest Control to help your business, we'll complete an inspection of your whole property to find any intruders, where they're hiding, and discover how they got into your building. We use the safest and most effective treatments to protect everyone in your establishment. Additionally, we offer monthly services to protect your business all year.

Pests can be a headache for your business, causing one more problem to handle. Our service professionals at ProForce Pest Control can deal with your pests, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your operation. Contact us today for the best pest protection in your Salisbury business.

Don't Let A Damp Crawl Space Ruin Your Salisbury Home

Crawl spaces are in hidden areas of your home and provide access to plumbing materials. For this purpose, many people assume these areas will be damp. However, it's harmful to your house and family to have moisture in crawl spaces.

While you can expect some dampness in your crawl spaces, high moisture levels can result in severe problems. In addition to musty smells, damp crawl spaces can result in structural and health issues, including:

  • Rotting wood
  • Mold growth
  • Water damage
  • Pests

At ProForce Waterproofing, we offer crawl space encapsulation services to dry these areas. Our service professionals will clean your crawl spaces and remove any affected materials. We'll treat any fungal growth, install a vapor barrier, a dehumidifier to regulate the humidity, and seal plumbing.

Since crawl spaces are usually in hidden parts of your home, they likely don't come to mind often. However, high moisture levels in these spaces can become serious problems for your house. Let us know if you notice signs of moisture in your crawl spaces so we can help.

Expert Power Washing Solutions For Salisbury Properties

Salisbury properties can develop unsightly stains over time, impacting the value of your house or the reputation of your business. Inexperienced power washers can be unsuccessful at removing the marks and can damage vulnerable parts of the structure.

Hiring professional power washers is the safer and more cost-effective option. These companies have the best equipment and experience washing different surfaces. They'll remove the unwanted stains off your property, saving you time and money.

Our service professionals at ProForce Pro Wash have experience cleaning various surfaces on residential and commercial properties. Some of the power washing services we provide include:

  • Pressure washing
  • Roof washing
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Gutter brightening
  • Wood restoration
  • Surface sealing
  • Window washing

Our power washing services can make your home or business look pristine and protect your building from water damage. Call us today to learn more about how you can benefit from our Salisbury power washing services.

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"Fast response when I called for an inspection. Scheduled my first treatment around my schedule. Very informative and friendly. I highly recommend."

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"The ProForce team is friendly, professional and very thorough. They made signing up extremely simple and the first service was great. Austin was a pleasure to speak with and he quickly and clearly explained everything he did. I'm really happy we picked them after speaking to two other companies."

Kate P
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"We have used ProForce for over a year, changing from another company.  We have been pleased with their service and responsiveness if an issue arises. I have recommended to friends. Chad is our technician and he is always polite and professional."

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