Bed Bug Identification And Control Guide For Charlotte Homeowners

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Bed Bug Identification And Control Guide For Charlotte Homeowners

The easiest way to identify a bed bug inside your home is to see it. The only problem is that these pests are masters at hiding. For this reason, it is crucial that you become a master at identifying these pests.

Here is everything you need to know to master bed bug identification in Charlotte and the surrounding areas and how to remove an infestation from your home. Contact ProForce Pest Control if you know how to identify bed bugs and have spotted these pests indoors. We will visit you and utilize quick Charlotte pest control methods to remove these pests fast.

Identifying Bed Bugs In Charlotte

There are lots of pests that invade homes here in Charlotte and the surrounding area. Most do not go through the same trouble bed bugs do to get indoors. These tiny, blood-feeding pests utilize items people carry to move from place to place. If one of your coworkers has an active infestation inside their home, they might bring these pests to work with them. Bed bugs will then look for briefcases, backpacks, and other items that might bring them into your home. You might also pick up these pests when traveling, at the mall, in a movie theater, or simply from having guests over to visit. Try to remain vigilant by keeping your eyes out for these pests at all times. It also helps to know the signs of bed bugs these pests leave behind. We will talk about this in just a bit.

Typical Habits Of Bed Bugs In Charlotte

Bed bugs are one of the most problematic pests here in and around Charlotte. They do not invade homes the same way other local insects do, they are one of the slowest and fastest-moving pests on the planet, and they almost exclusively live inside areas where people live and congregate. Let us explain further. Bed bugs travel into homes by hitching rides on items people carry. Although only able to move at four feet per minute on its own, one of these pests can travel at over 500 miles per hour if they are on a commercial aircraft. Finally, bed bugs dislike cold or hot temperatures and find it difficult to feed outdoors, requiring them to live near people almost exclusively. 

Can I See Bed Bugs If They Are On My Furniture?

It is rare for bed bugs to come out into the open during the day. These pests spend most of their time hiding when inside area homes. They might conceal themselves inside furniture, behind wall sockets, around beds, or inside cracks, crevices, and other hard-to-reach areas.

If you want to know how to identify bed bugs inside your home, here are a few bed bug signs to look for:

  • Blood stains

  • Fecal droppings

  • Eggs

  • Shed skin

  • Live or dead bed bugs

  • A musty odor

Call our team for a thorough pest inspection for more help spotting these pests inside your home. 

How Can I Get Rid Of Bed Bugs As Soon As Possible?

When it comes to getting rid of bed bugs, there is no easier option than to hire a professional. At ProForce Pest Control, we understand invasive pests. We also train diligently to make sure our pest control methods are nothing but top tier.

Contact our team today for a free quote and to learn more about our bed bug control options and schedule an appointment for your home here in Charlotte or the surrounding area.

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