Getting Rid Of A Fire Ant Infestation On Your Charlotte Property The Right Way

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Getting Rid Of A Fire Ant Infestation On Your Charlotte Property The Right Way

The first step in eliminating fire ants is identifying their nests. Fire ants tend to build nests in warm, sunny areas like lawns, flowerbeds, and gardens. To identify the nest, look for mounds of dirt that are up to 18 inches in diameter. Elimination is a process that may take some time, but by taking the proper steps, fire ants can be successfully eliminated from your home or property.  A Charlotte pest control company with fire ant experience, like ProForce Pest Control, offers the best long-term solution to a fire ant infestation problem.

How To Identify A Fire Ant

Fire ants are small, reddish-brown ants that can be identified by their small size as well as a few key characteristics, including: 

  • Distinct three-segmented bodies, with a head and thorax connected by a slender waist

  • Extended lower body section, called a gaster, that contains the venom used to inject into prey or predator 

  • Aggressive and invasive behavior 

  • A painful sting that can cause anaphylactic shock in some people

  • Body size of approximately 1/4 of an inch in length

Taking the time to learn about the characteristics and behaviors of fire ants in Charlotte will help in the removal process.

A Fire Ant Infestation Can Be Problematic For Many Reasons

Fire ant infestations can cause a lot of problems on your property. The ants build fire ant mounds in your yard and other areas that are unpleasant to look at and can interfere with the activities of people who use these spaces. Fire ant bites and stings can be painful and sometimes even life-threatening for those who are allergic. Fire ants often prey on native insect and animal populations, which can disrupt the local ecosystem. They can cause costly damage to structures, belongings, and electrical wiring also. Fire ants tend to be more aggressive than other ant species. Enlisting help from an experienced fire ant professional like ProForce Pest Control is the safest and most effective way to deal with these pests. 

Don’t Try To Get Rid Of Fire Ants On Your Own

It is not advisable to attempt fire ant removal on your own. While there are methods you can use to reduce fire ant populations in your yard, these methods should be used with caution. Even then, they may not completely eliminate the infestation. It is much more effective to contact an expert who is familiar with fire ant behavior and knows the best techniques to solve the problem.

Taking care of fire ant issues on your own can be time-consuming and often leads to frustration when they return to your property. Working with a professional can save you time and money. Additionally, you can be comfortable knowing that the issue is being taken care of by experts that have the experience necessary for fire ant control for your Charlotte home. 

The Key To Total Fire Ant Infestation Elimination

At ProForce Pest Control, we understand how frustrating and dangerous a fire ant infestation can be. We are a family-owned and operated company and exceeding customer expectations is our main priority.  Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is simple: if pests return, we’ll return for free.  Our experienced technicians are trained in the latest techniques and know exactly what needs to be done to eliminate fire ants for good. We are members of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and our goal is to make sure that you are safe from these pests permanently. Call ProForce Pest Control today for reliable fire ant treatment in Charlotte. 

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