Where Are These Ants In My Charlotte Home Coming From?


Ants are extremely industrious pests that can get into almost any dwelling and are highly flexible in their living habits. They are colony insects, and if one ant comes to visit your house and likes what it sees, other ants are sure to follow. Once an infestation establishes in your home, it can be difficult to eliminate. Ants build their nests in out-of-the-way, protected places, making effective ant control challenging. 

If you're struggling with an infestation in your home and are seeking ant control solutions, ProForce Pest Control can help. Call us today, and let us be your best resource for pest control in Charlotte.

How Can I Tell What Type Of Ants Are In My House?

As a homeowner in Charlotte, you can encounter more than one type of ant in your house. Here are some of the types of ants that you may encounter:

  • Fire ants: Fire ants have painful, venomous stings, and will defend their nests with swarming attacks.

  • Pavement ants: Pavement ants prefer to build their colonies underneath concrete or asphalt slabs, making them difficult to treat.

  • Little black ants: These ants are notorious for infesting kitchens, and infestations frequently return after treatment.

  • Carpenter ants: These ants build their colonies inside of wood. Over time, carpenter ants can severely damage your home.

These are some kinds of ants you may encounter in your home. If you need ant control in your house, you can rely on ProForce Pest Control. Contact us today for help with ants.

Where Did These Ants Come From?

Although ants live in colonies, they explore individually. They are always on the hunt for food. If an ant visits your house and likes what it sees, it will make its way back to the colony while leaving a pheromone trail behind. The other ants can later use this trail to return to your house. This is why ant infestations seemingly come out of nowhere and grow quickly. If ants find a combination of food and shelter that they like, they will immediately set up a new colony in that location. If that location happens to be your house, you can suddenly find yourself dealing with an ant infestation. Ant control in your house becomes critical if you want to get rid of ants.

If you are struggling with ants, get in touch with ProForce Pest Control to see how we can help you. We know how to get rid of ants in the kitchen and everywhere else. 

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Ants?

Ant infestations can be challenging to eliminate, especially if you attempt to utilize ineffective DIY ant control solutions. Ants live as members of a colony but tend to explore as individuals. DIY ant control efforts may get some of the ants but will miss the colony, and that will allow ants to rebuild easily. The ant infestation will persist, and your frustration will increase. Ant control in Charlotte must address not only the individual ants but the colony as well.

ProForce Pest Control knows pest control, and we have an extended history of eliminating ant infestations in Charlotte. Call us today for help with ants.  

How Do I Prevent Ants From Coming Back?

If ants have made their way into your home, you want to know how to get rid of ants. Doing so is as simple as making a phone call to ProForce Pest Control. Our seasoned service professionals can get rid of any pest infestation, and we enjoy a history of excellent customer satisfaction. Don't struggle with ant infestations. Call us instead. We can help you get rid of ants and keep them from coming back. 

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