Why Spiders Invade Charlotte Homes And How To Keep Them Out


Spiders are common pests in the Charlotte area. The sight of a spider in your home can be alarming, especially given that some spiders can deliver painful, venomous bites. The number of negative encounters with spiders is increasing each year, and the Charlotte area is no exception. Children and pets are affected the most because their natural curiosity tends to increase negative encounters with spiders. 

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Spiders Are Not Insects But Arachnids

Although spiders hunt insects for food, spiders are not insects themselves. They are arachnids. Insects have three primary body parts, six legs and two antennae. Spiders have two body parts, eight legs, and no antenna. Spiders have venomous bites that they use to immobilize the prey insects that they feed on. Though spiders and insects differ from one another, most owners are not happy to find spiders in their homes and want to know how to keep spiders away.

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Reasons For Spiders In The Home

Common house spiders are carnivorous, meaning they hunt other insects for food. In fact, if you have discovered a spider infestation in your home, you can be assured that you also have other pests in your home. Different spiders hunt in different ways. Some spiders weave elaborate webs. Some spiders haunt by hiding until prey passes by and then jumping on it. Some spiders can run extremely fast for their size and will literally chase their prey down. All of these spiders will enter your home in pursuit of insects.

The best way to get rid of spiders in the Charlotte area is to use professional pest control. With years of successfully dealing with pest infestations, we can help you with yours. Call us today for help with any pest infestation, including spiders.

Environmentally-Friendly Spider And Pest Prevention Tips

Spiders can introduce problems into your home and can be difficult to eliminate. Here are some ways that you can decrease your chances of having to deal with spiders:

  • Seal outside garbage: Exposed garbage outside draws many different types of pests, and spiders will come to hunt them. Tightly sealing garbage can decrease your chances of having to deal with spiders.

  • Minimize outside lighting: Bright lights at night will draw many types of pests, insects, and spiders that will pursue them. Minimizing outside lights at night can discourage pest insects and the spiders that hunt them.

  • Seal your home: Many types of pest insects as well as spiders, will exploit openings in your home to come inside. Sealing your house well can discourage spiders and other pests.

  • Keep a clean home: Dirty environments can attract insects, which can then attract spiders. 

These are some ways that you can help minimize your chances of dealing with spiders and the pest insects that attract them. However, if spiders still come, ProForce Pest Control can help you get them back out. Get in touch with us today. We know how to keep spiders out of your house.

Professional Pest Control Is A Great Way To Keep The Spiders Away

If you have spiders in or around your Charlotte home, ProForce Pest Control can help. Our seasoned experts know all about home pest control in the Charlotte area, including spiders. Call us today for help. You will be glad you did. 

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